Monitoring of groundwater levels in the gigantic HafenCity construction project

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Eggers Group: Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Stage, Site Management Groundwater

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A modern monitoring system

for distributed environmental projects e.g. permanent monitoring of the Elbe level

Need for an optimal software solution

for data acquisition, evaluation and presentation for data from a wide range of sources and of different types

All data should be immediately available

on the PC as well as on mobile devices without the need to install an app


Each device manufacturer brought its

own platform/software - desire to consolidate them - poses a challenge

No possibility to combine the data of different

devices and evaluate them together

Insufficient evaluation

and analysis possibilities

Each software has its own distribution of rights,

this creates a very high administrative burden

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Our solutions

audako Cloud combines the various data streams

from the different signal sources.

An integrated alerting and notification system

warns responsible parties, for example, when values are exceeded

The platform takes over the complete chain

from data transmission and processing to data display

Within the user interface, dashboards

can be created quickly and easily and provided with the desired elements (e.g. graphs).

audako can visualize and analyze

any data - from groundwater level to temperature to turbidity

The power of the pumps can

be controlled individually

audako platform also takes over the position monitoring

including geofencing of the devices on construction sites

Advantages for the customer

Data aggregation and analysis

within the platform enables environmental engineers to make consistent statements about status and necessary measures

The customer has a clear view

of consumption, efficiency and costs

Integrated event and alarm management

ensures faster response times in case of accidents

Shorter downtimes in the event of a technical malfunction

and thus makes a significant contribution to increasing the efficiency of hardware and technology

Theft protection through position monitoring
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