Monitoring and project planning of the water supply and wastewater disposal network with update to audako 4.0 version 

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The city area Herbstein itself extends over a height difference of 280 m above sea level to 710 m above sea level. The town of Bad Orb belongs to the Vogelsbergkreis and to the newly formed administrative district of Gießen as of 01.01.1981 (former affiliation to the administrative district of Darmstadt). The municipality consists of the districts Herbstein, Altenschlirf, Lanzenhain, Rixfeld, Schadges, Schlechtenwegen, Steinfurt and Stockhausen.


Water supply and wastewater disposal city of Herbstein


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Water supply and sewage disposal


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Reference Herbstein (symbol image) Task


Updating of the platform, as the existing

system is no longer being further developed.

Up-to-date analyses for plant availability,

energy and water consumption.


Migration during ongoing operation, since the outdated

version (telecontrol 3.0) and the new system (audako version 4.0) should run in parallel.

All work should be performed while the system is running so

that an employee can be alerted in the event of a malfunction.

All data must be recorded without gaps

(for reporting purposes).

Reference Herbstein (symbol image) Problem
 Reference Herbstein (symbol image) Solution

Our solutions

With audako and the audako edge gateway, a

seamless migration was accomplished at a manageable cost.

Thanks to VPN connection, the plants could all

be updated or migrated quickly from the office using scripts.

Wago PLCs with VPN router for secure telecontrol.

Advantages for the customer

Connection of all structures via LTE with multi-network

SIM cards that work in all German networks to ensure availability in the event of a provider failure.

Customer thus has a secure (encryption,

ISO, etc.). solution, which he can still access web-based with secure authentication from any end device.

24/7 long-term support.
Automatically always the latest version of the

system, as cloud solution.

Dashboard can be structured individually, thus it is

possible for the customer to set up the system so that it is structured similarly to the old version. This means that employees can also quickly find their way around with the new version.

Reference Herbstein (symbol image) Advantages

Customer testimonials

"audako software has become an indispensable part of our water supply and wastewater disposal systems. The proper operation of our plants is thus ensured by on-site control as well as remote monitoring. Special incidents (malfunctions) can be reacted to immediately. Adjustments to the operational processes in the system can be made by our operating personnel without further ado."

City of Herbstein: Henrick Schleuning, Construction Office (Supply and Disposal)

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