With the audako platform you have the complete solution for your digitization from a single source.

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audako Cloud - carefree digitization

Cloud Dienst

The audako data center is located in Germany and is highly available so that no failures limit functionality or security. Within a very short time, you can connect your machines, plants and processes to our ISO 27001 certified infrastructure, create applications for evaluation and analysis and thus start your digitization project.


at least redundant design of all components + encryption.


whether GPRS or 5G, we can talk all cellular standards and a variety of protocols


web-based provisioning, cloud-native


hotline, 24/7 monitoring

audako On Premise - A fair licensing model

We offer you a software license that allows you to run audako yourself. It's up to you whether amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, other clouds or your own servers, audako's services are available everywhere.

We only charge a one-time license fee. In addition to supplying you with a suitable license, we are happy to assist you with our services in setting up and operating your own digitization platform based on audako software - gladly with your own label! We do without costly add-ons. Our simple pricing model should convince you.

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The most important features at a glance

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Individual dashboards

Within the user interface you can easily and quickly create dashboards, provide them with the desired elements and thus keep an eye on your most important smart parameters and key figures at all times.

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Cloud-native product

The audako platform was built from the ground up to integrate a large number of systems in parallel in one platform in large environments. We allow you to extend your running application with additional systems and clients at any time.

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Process visualization

Our process visualization works with vector graphics and offers an outstanding process image editor. The vector graphics can be infinitely scaled for optimal visualization across all devices, from smartphones to PCs.

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Exportable graphics / diagrams

Diagrams can be intuitively viewed and analyzed over any period of time. A direct export of the graphs as PDF or image file is possible. The data can be exported as a CSV file. Sankey and flow diagrams as well as spectral analysis are also available especially for energy management.

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Data Management

Our high-performance and highly scalable database is ready to absorb huge amounts of process data (Big Data) in the shortest intervals. These are condensed "in-memory" or pre-compressed according to freely definable intervals and made available to you for visualization, evaluation and analysis (smart data).

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For remote alerting, standby plans with different alerting scenarios can be stored. The type of alerting can be configured individually, e.g. by SMS, e-mail or by voice call with fully synthetic voice output via VoIP is also possible.

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Maintenance and servicing

Manage all technical data, spare parts lists, drawings and any other accompanying documents for your maintenance objects such as machines and units. Be informed proactively about upcoming maintenance.

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Report Designer

With our report designer, freely definable reports can be designed effortlessly, filled with all available process data, supplemented with manual entries or manual corrections and optionally displayed in the web browser or exported as a PDF or Excel file.

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Event management

To increase process and operational safety, audako manages all events occurring in your processes and systems. These can be categorised to quickly get an overview of what is really important. The events are archived with a time stamp and can be used to analyse error messages.

The best choice for system integrators

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The audako IoT platform offers you numerous advantages over conventional solutions.


For control and field components, we are open and platform-independent with a wide range of interfaces.

Native Cloud Application

From the ground up cloud based approach.

Continous Deployment

Continuous further development and deployment of the software

Extensive knowledge base

More transparency through a wiki and an existing ticket system

Your benefits

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Better with digitalisation

Nowadays, excessive amounts of data (Big Data) are collected, which cannot be used without further processing and analysis. audako is an intelligent technology that generates so-called Smart Data from huge amounts of data while taking data protection into account. Recognize enormous growth opportunities through new data-driven optimization.

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audako runs everywhere

No matter which end device you use, audako adapts optimally to the size of your device. So you always have an overview of your plants and machines, whether from a PC, laptop or smartphone. In addition, the audako platform also runs whenever you want.

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With audako you can operate, check and control your plants and machines worldwide in one software. Keep an overview, you only need one end device and the audako software, which works web-based and location-independent.

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Costs down - efficiency up

audako demonstrably makes consumption transparent and can expose energy guzzlers. Secure clear competitive advantages through cost savings. audako also helps you to make important operational decisions, such as the purchase of new equipment or machinery.

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IoT Edge Gateaways

audako gateways in IoT edge solutions have connectivity and edge analytics for IoT devices, enabling faster data transfer, processing and analysis. Interfaces to your own IT systems and cloud services are also possible, as well as integration for global remote access and remote maintenance of your systems, machines and processes.

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Sustainability Plus

audako is a sustainable software product for your energy monitoring and resource management. Environmental protection is part of its algorithm. Achieve your Green Energy goals with audako.

TOP 3 audako problem solvers

"We had no insight into the energy distribution in production. It was important for us to know the energy consumption in the individual areas. We didn't know what kind of energy was being used where."

If you do not know or cannot allocate your energy consumption, you cannot make accurate statements regarding savings potential and optimisation measures. With audako you succeed in making your energy consumption visible in figures. audako takes over the analysis and evaluation of the figures for you through intelligent data analysis.

"Our telecontrol technology is outdated, slow and inefficient. The bigger problem is that we often don't notice outages and leaks right away. Leak detection in a supply network proves difficult and time-consuming."

audako provides a remedy for water suppliers. They have real-time control and management options via computer, tablet or on the go on their smartphone. The alarm function integrated into the system detects leaks in the supply network, any malfunctions in systems or pumps as well as limit value violations in good time and triggers an alarm in the process.

"We are a small community, yet we have many buildings with technology to maintain. The many properties make it difficult for us to monitor and control. In addition, we have few staff and a limited budget. We need modern technology that allows us to keep an eye on everything."

With its scalability, monitoring one or hundreds of properties is easily possible. With audako Building IoT, you have an efficient and sustainable technology that handles technical processes in the building for you. Among other things, you can integrate drawings and maintenance instructions for the technical systems of your properties in audako, so you can find them quickly and easily when faults occur.

All-round safety at the highest level


As an ISO 27001 certified solution provider, security must keep pace with digitalization for us.

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Alliance for Cyber Security