Industry 4.0 is already a reality: Harness the power of smart data. Costs down, efficiency up!

Our audako IIoT platform offers you custom-fit solutions for the digitalization of your automated processes, machines and plants. audako platform was developed from the ground up for the Industry 4.0 age.

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Lösungen für die Industrie (Symbolbild)

Easy entry into the IIoT with audako

With the help of audako, whether in the cloud or on your own server, you can start your digitization project in record time - always accessible from anywhere in the world. Audako IoT Gateways already process data locally and support the latest 5G standard today. Our experience in production-critical areas offers you professional support from process consulting to the integration of solutions tailored to your needs. The flexibility of audako allows you to quickly and easily implement your IIoT applications into existing processes. With audako, you can see in real time what exactly is happening in your production, in the warehouse or in individual plants. You can increase the efficiency of industrial processes, reduce production costs and develop new digital business models.

Numbers, data and facts

Smart data is the new oil

In the course of networking and digitization, the volume of data is becoming ever larger, more confusing and more complex to process. With conventional analysis methods, intelligent evaluation is no longer possible. With its high-performance database, many interfaces and openness, the audako IIoT platform can collect, analyze and evaluate all data that arises. No matter whether it is production, operational, energy, procurement or process data. With the help of algorithms and machine learning (AI), which generate smart data from a huge amount of data (big data) in the first place, you can optimize your processes, identify potential savings and plan maintenance in advance - and much more. Smart data is the new raw material for optimizing value creation in production.

Smart Data sind das neue Öl (Symbolbild)

Your plants, machines and processes in good hands

Proactively maintain machines Predictive Maintenance

Production plants and machines are becoming increasingly complex. audako IIoT platform can detect potential production interruptions before they occur using sensors attached to the machine that relay data in real time. Maintenance work can be controlled according to demand and thus failures can be avoided in the first place.

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Asset Tracking

Know in real time which resources and goods are available, can be used and are in use, or at which locations they are currently located. Work processes can be accelerated through real-time monitoring. Immediate alarming in case of exceeding critical status values and geofencing round off audako's range of functions.

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Energy Optimization Energy Optimization

We implement your energy management according to ISO 50001 individually and standard-compliant. In addition to total consumption, audako also detects detailed significant changes in individual consumption. We go even further: audako evaluates for you, demand-driven and market price-dependent, whether your own produced energy or external energy is more cost-effective for the process.

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Traceability Traceability

audako enables the complete traceability of the production process. You can prove to your customers a digital complete documentation of the production, a batch or a component. You increase the quality of your production documentation. For critical products, e.g. brake fluids or in the food industry (HACCP), the traceability of production must be guaranteed.

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Manage machines and equipment Asset Management

With audako you manage the life cycle of plant, lines, machines and measuring devices, whether online or offline. Additional assets can be quickly integrated to ensure seamless asset management. Digital historisation serves as the necessary basis for predictive maintenance solutions.

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Monitoring production quality Predictive Quality

Many quality controls only take place at the end of the production chain. But that is too late to stop production because of poor quality. audako helps you avoid rejects by continuously and seamlessly monitoring all production indicators predictive quality defects in production.

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Monitoring Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

audako automatically calculates the OEE of your plants and machines. This is a key figure that helps to determine, monitor and improve the productivity of your production plant or machine. Via online monitoring in real time you have access to customizable key indicators such as target/actual number of pieces per hour, availabilities, performance and quality losses and bottlenecks.

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Monitoring machine conditions Condition Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of your plants and machines - you can concentrate on your core business. Keep control over failures, unscheduled maintenance and downtimes. Depending on the alarm type, alarm level and alarm location, specific users can be informed individually. With audako you can not only alarm, but also escalate and de-escalate.

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Smart Data Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

KPIs help you measure, monitor and optimize mission-critical business decisions. It takes a lot of time and expertise to define the right KPIs from vast amounts of data and to interpret them correctly. In audako, all KPIs can be analysed in detail with the help of interactive dashboard elements - keyword Smart Data, so you can easily extract your insights.

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Digitales Wartungsmanagement

With the audako task and team management, open processes do not stay open for long. Tasks and technical faults with an alert function can be forwarded automatically and in a targeted manner to the responsible team or to a contact person. An integrated assistant supports the processor in the implementation of his tasks and suggests next steps. A management tool allows you and your colleagues to control tasks, forward them to others and manage them. You can also see important data such as necessary documents and open items at a glance.

Easy remote access to machines and plants

You probably know it from practical experience. A malfunction occurs at a plant or machine and the responsible employee is not on site. Downtime and the associated high costs are the result. The solution: audako's remote access system to your plants, machines and processes gives you more flexibility and expands the possibilities of your maintenance management. The remote access solution is easy to implement, user-friendly and offers a high security standard. External access can be defined individually. In this way, you enable service providers and manufacturers to respond quickly.

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IT-Sicherheit in der Industrie (Symbolbild)

Industrial Security

Digitalization and the increasing networking of machines and production facilities, including integration into a cloud, are also increasing security risks and forcing companies to take action. A company's machines and systems are part of its critical core, so appropriate protective measures are mandatory. We offer support and solutions for the entire process for your IT security in accordance with ISO 27001 (IEC standard series for cybersecurity of "Industrial Automation and Control Systems" (IACS)"), which ensures a holistic approach with security consideration and protection for industrial cybersecurity in OT networks.


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Increase efficiency

If you can plan your maintenance and servicing measures with foresight, you can guarantee high availability and a long life cycle. These are essential factors for the economical operation of your machines and systems and also increase production efficiency. So: Efficiency high!

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Low costs

By using modern technology standards, you can significantly reduce your production and operating costs and shorten production times as well as optimise maintenance and servicing measures. Energy savings also help you to keep energy costs under control. It's clear: costs down!

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Faster realisation of your ideas

New projects, new plants or machines can be integrated into the audako solution without any problems. You can bring your new products or ideas to the market faster, because your future depends on innovations. With audako this becomes reality. Put the competition in the shade.

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Improved product quality

In production, quality is the ultimate goal. Safe product quality thanks to seamless monitoring is possible with audako. Our platform combines all data and analyzes it with IIoT technology. Any anomalies are detected early in real-time. You no longer need to collect random samples of production results.

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All processes centrally controlled

audako offers you a wide range of functions for numerous IIoT solutions. All solution processes are centrally controlled and monitored in the software. The portfolio includes data acquisition, pre-processing, communication and analysis, alarm management, management tools and much more. True to our motto: One platform for all automation solutions.

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Rapid response

Real-time information is a real asset for rapid intervention before unexpected malfunctions throughout the process (Predictive Maintenance), as well as for preventing time bottlenecks and unnecessary costs for employees when searching for the required equipment or devices by identification (IIoT Asset Tracking).

A partnership with many advantages:

Together we achieve more! While you can offer your customers a complete solution through our partnership and open up additional business areas, we want to conquer new markets. The advantage partnership is a real win-win situation for sustainable projects, because the investments are lower and therefore the risk is reduced. The combination of knowledge and resources allows more flexibility for both partners.

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New digital business models

Are you faced with the challenge of offering your customers a complete solution or do you have to compete against new market players? Or are you worried that you won't be able to survive in the market for long without applying smart technologies? Go one step further with your Smart Data based audako IIoT solutions and discover new digital business models. Secure clear competitive advantages and offer your customers Smart Data solutions. Gladly with your own label & branding.

Customer testimonials

"We have been using the energy monitoring system from narz since 2011. It makes our consumption transparent and reveals energy guzzlers in the company. In recent years, we have been able to optimize our existing equipment and use the data to make decisions about new investments, so that the introduction of the system has paid for itself in a very short time.

Powder Coating Schreiner GmbH & Co. KG: Harald Schreiner, Managing Director

"Adapting to a new project is easy and I can do it myself within minutes."

Eggers Group: Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Stage, Site Management Groundwater