audako IoT Platform Solutions for Smart Buildings - Optimize economic efficiency and sustainability.

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  • wir können sämtliche Mobilfunkstandards und eine Vielzahl von Protokollen sprechen
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For which buildings or properties is audako suitable?

For the implementation of our software, an existing building automation at technical plants and systems in the building or in the property or the simultaneous implementation of one is a prerequisite. The following enumerations shall serve you as an example:

Buildings with corporate use:

office buildings, shopping centers, factories, production and storage facilities, hotels, health insurance companies, retirement homes, nursing homes, commercial buildings, workshops, parking garages.

Public properties:

Health and education facilities, daycare centers, cultural and assembly buildings, fire stations, administrative and court buildings, sports and recreational facilities, retail outlets, penal institutions, bus and train stations, airports.

digitale Gebäude (Symbolbild)

audako IoT Platform Solutions

We advise you and analyze your needs. We will find a suitable audako solution for you and also implement it.

define goals

In order to make your path to the smart building sustainable, your goals, above all, must be clearly defined.

and control

Saving energy

/increasing energy efficiency

Optimize heating,

ventilation and lighting concepts

Increase room comfort

and use

Implementing regulations,

requirements and laws and monitoring them on an ongoing basis

Individual Integration

You should rely on us for the implementation of a BMS. We can draw on a high level of experience.
audako Edge Gateway:

Networking of all technical installations and measuring devices across network and protocol boundaries (KNX, BACnet, M-Bus, Modbus etc.)


with data protection regulations, ISO 27001 certified implementation


of smart data through the powerful historian integrated in audako

Intelligent alerting

with mail, SMS, push messages and voice calls as medium, individually configurable standby scheduler and alarm cascades

Operation Maintenance

A service and support service you can rely on is provided after deployment.
Fault and emergency

service, 24/7 on-call service

Technical support

and telephone customer service

Operating system

and security updates

Superordinate control

of the technical processes in the individual systems possible


for software commissioning in the cloud

Effective alarm management

With audako Building IoT you get an integrated alerting and notification tool. audako sends notifications taking into account available staff according to work plan, responsibilities and alert escalation rules. Supports users and response teams with individual settings and assistance. Notification profiles can be set according to user needs, e.g. how the notification should be sent, whether by SMS or e-mail. audako can filter and prepare the energy and building data according to different purposes for different users. To prevent users from being overwhelmed by too much data and to enable them to troubleshoot effectively, audako works with different user roles that are assigned different rights, duties and views depending on their responsibilities.

Alarmmanagement effizient einsetzen  (Symbolbild)
audako Building IoT  (Symbolbild)

Optimized maintenance

Our goal is to prevent failures! audako notifies you of maintenance conditions before something fails so that operation is guaranteed at all times. Regular maintenance and repair of all plant components and systems of the building technology are a prerequisite for operational safety, efficiency and value retention of the entire building. audako detects anomalies and can make predictions of failures, thus increasing plant and system availability. Predictive maintenance makes it possible to plan your maintenance work. You can set procedure-specific settings and user-specific information outputs that enable forward-looking maintenance scheduling. In addition, you benefit from a convenient management tool for maintenance appointments, about which you can be informed proactively.

your benefits

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Efficient building operation

The digital recording and processing of operating and consumption data in real time, enable efficient maintenance and servicing with additional management tools for assistance. With audako, your building can be managed more efficiently, as the maintenance of running equipment and systems is also managed centrally.

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Energy costs down!

audako demonstrably helps you to reduce the operating and heating costs in your building or property. You can optimise operations and benefit from cost savings. Uncover energy guzzlers today and promote cost efficiency tomorrow.

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Whether one or thousands of properties

audako Edge Gateways enable any number of properties to be connected to a cloud or on premise installation. Thus, all properties are served on one central platform. The control and monitoring is done centrally on the same user interface.

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Fast intervention

audako enables you to react quickly to maintenance in the event of a malfunction or failure of systems. This is ensured by data in real time, intelligent effective alarm functions and the possibility to react via remote maintenance, independent of location, on all end devices, almost simultaneously. Trust us when it comes to this!

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More comfort

When audako automatically controls lighting, heating or air conditioning for you, you offer users a modern, attractive and pleasant feel-good ambience in the building. Think one step further in the direction of the smart office: an optimised room climate can increase employee efficiency and productivity. Create competitive advantages for yourself, because digitised work buildings can be attractive for skilled workers.

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Market value of the building increases

Investments in building automation and audako Building IoT for efficient use of resources pay off. Depending on the investment, payback periods of a few years are realistic. In addition, investments in a BMS can be financed by the realised savings in energy costs. The value of your building increases due to the modernisation measures.

Ein Stück mehr Sicherheit in der Pandemie  (Symbolbild)

audako Building IoT - For more safety in pandemic times

With the global Covid -19 situation, human safety in buildings has taken on a new dimension. The crisis year of 2020 has forced many companies to drastically rethink their approach. The legal requirements for building operators and employers are constantly increasing. The specifications demand entry controls and stand-offs, because not many people are allowed to be in a building. Only intelligent buildings can meet the implementation of these requirements and protect people in buildings. In the audako IoT platform, additional digital counting systems and video cameras can be integrated as control functions. By remotely monitoring and controlling technical systems in the building, our software can help provide people with a higher level of safety.

Minimizing the risk of infection with CO2 traffic lights

With audako, optimal control of ventilation systems is possible. "Ventilation traffic lights" can be used to measure the CO2 content in the room to alert users to poor air quality and prompt them to ventilate. The measurement technology required for this, such as CO2 sensors, can be quickly retrofitted. After all, it is not always possible to avoid being in the building with many people. Spacing rules, mouth guards and partitions offer a little protection against saliva infections, but what about the air? US studies indicate that in aerosols despite 5 meters distance, here specifically the Corona viruses have been detected. The particles are usually very small and "stand" in the air, so the risk of infection increases for each person present in the room. Temperature, air pressure and intensity of ventilation can be remotely controlled thanks to audako, without the need to deploy personnel in critical zones.

audako IoT Lösungen in der Pandemiezeit (Symbolbild)

Customer testimonials

"We have been using the energy monitoring system from narz since 2011. It makes our consumption transparent and reveals energy guzzlers in the company. In recent years, we have therefore been able to optimize existing equipment and use the data to make decisions about new investments, so that the introduction of the system has paid for itself in a very short time.

Powder Coating Schreiner GmbH & Co. KG: Harald Schreiner, Managing Director

"Adapting to a new project is easy and I can do it myself within minutes."

Eggers Group: Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Stage, Site Management Groundwater