Energy Data Management- Use digitization for more energy efficiency, reduce costs through smart data analyses.

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Reducing energy costs through efficient energy monitoring

audako makes energy flows transparent and energy consumption visible in figures. The type of energy of energy (electricity, water, gas, etc.) and the industry to which it belongs are irrelevant. audako takes care of intelligent data analysis and much more for you:

Automated collection of all energy data.
Create and manage energy checklists individually

and many other digital tools.

For documentation, energy data is compiled in the form of an

automated energy report.

Special sankey and flow diagrams as well as spectral analysis

for data visualization.

Interconnect and monitor any number

of decentralized systems via a central digital


Remote monitoring on all internet-enabled end devices.
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Time control of energy data

New feature with time control dialog in hydrograph chart widget allows to compare two time periods in the given time interval of days, weeks, months or years. Using the drag and drop function of the time control, the dialog can be moved, for maximum visibility of the data, with applicable control and display of the changing data at the same time. The short video tutorial shows how easy energy monitoring is with audako.

Your advantages

Defy the skyrocketing energy costs!

Thanks to audako, you can take your energy management into your own hands. audako demonstrably makes consumption transparent and can unmask energy guzzlers. Energy savings help you to get a grip on energy costs. It's clear: costs down!

It doesn't get better than this!

In addition to total consumption audako also detects detailed significant changes in individual consumption. We go even further: audako evaluates for you demand-driven and market price-dependent, whether own produced energy or external energy is more cost-effective for the process. 

Smart Data Analysis

Our energy monitoring serves as a Smart Data supplier. With the help of generated consumption data, you can make your energy management more effective. With audako you get simplicity, transparency and confidence in your Smart Data analysis, which you need for the optimization process. 

It couldn't be easier!

Energy management is time-consuming. audako energy monitoring takes the work off your hands through many digital tools. Benefit from automated reports, real-time data, historization of data, the clear visual representation of smart data on the dashboard, simplified analysis, an alerting and notification system comparison reports and much more. 


Only those who save can survive in the market! 

Secure clear competitive advantages through energy cost savings. audako also helps you make important operational decisions, such as the acquisition of new equipment. The investment costs of implementing audako software will pay for themselves in no time. That's a promise!

Reduce CO2 footprint 

Energy efficiency and environmental protection are inseparable. audako is a sustainable software product for energy monitoring and resource management. Improve your CO2 footprint with audako and get a big step closer to your Green Energy goals.

Customer testimonials

„"We have been using the energy monitoring system from narz since 2011. It makes our consumption transparent and reveals energy guzzlers in the company. In recent years, we have been able to optimize existing equipment and use the data to make decisions about new investments, so that the introduction of the system has paid for itself in a very short time."

Powder Coating Schreiner GmbH & Co. KG: Harald Schreiner, Managing Director

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