Energy 4.0 - Unimagined flexibility through optimal processes!

audako digitizes your generation, distribution or consumption process with its IoT technology for the energy industry.

audako verändert die Wertschöpfungskette der Energiebranche (Symbolbild)

audako changes the energy industry

With audako, we are revolutionizing the entire energy value chain. Whether energy generation by conventional or renewable energy sources, energy distribution via energy networks or energy consumption - we cover the entire industry along the value chain with our audako solution portfolio. Regardless of the energy source (gas, coal, district heating, oil, etc.), audako can be used. Monitoring, control and supervision can be applied to any energy medium with our software. Do you already have a digitization strategy or do you know what you want to digitize? Get the market leadership or strengthen your position with our Energy 4.0 strategy.

audako IoT Platform and Energy 4.0

With audako, you can connect any number of decentralized generation or consumption plants, machines or the supply network via a central digital control system and monitor them. With automated optimization, you can evaluate acquired data volumes associated with the digitization of measurement systems on plants or machines. You can use your data (smart data) more efficiently than before, for example, to optimize energy consumption or identify customer needs. Data evaluation and use is becoming increasingly cost-effective thanks to our IoT technology through network communication. audako offers you countless opportunities to optimize processes and consumption through the use of IoT monitoring systems, which can have a positive impact on operating costs.

audako IoT Plattform als Energie 4.0 Treiber

This is what audako can do for the energy sector:

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Manage machines and generation plants Asset Management

With audako you can manage the life cycle of plant, machinery and measuring devices via the graphical user interface and manage them centrally. Additional assets can be integrated quickly to ensure seamless asset management. Digital historisation serves as the necessary basis for predictive maintenance solutions.

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Monitor machine conditions Condition Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of your generation plants and machines - you can concentrate on your core business. Keep control of failures, unscheduled maintenance and downtimes. Depending on the alarm type, alarm level and alarm location, specific users can be informed individually. With audako you can not only alarm, but also escalate and de-escalate.

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Energy Efficiency

The potential lies in the analysis of energy data, which is carried out by recording the actual state of individual measuring devices and sensors followed by a comparison of a target state. The comparative values form the basis for the creation and visualization of measures to improve the energetic and often also the process engineering plant and process status.

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Determine key figures of your plants Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

audako automatically calculates the required KPIs of your power plant or your plants. KPIs are key figures used, for example, to determine the availability or efficiency of plants so that measures can be taken to improve them. KPIs help you measure and optimize process decisions that are critical to success. Real-time online monitoring gives you access to customizable key performance indicators such as availability, performance and quality degradation, and bottlenecks.


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Predictive Maintenance

audako creates forecasts about plant conditions based on learned empirical values in "Condition Monitoring". audako detects faults, anomalies, critical events and their causes at an early stage and provides reliable forecasts about the remaining useful life of plants. Based on these forecasts, you can plan needs-oriented maintenance and servicing actions in advance.

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Monitor and control data   IoT Monitoring

audako collects data e.g. in a power grid about peak loads, voltage fluctuations, capacities and outages in real time. Our IoT technology enables the collection of a huge amount of data (Big Data), which is presented in an analysed and simplified way on the visually high-quality dashboard as intelligent data (Smart Data). Utilities can adjust and optimize response and processing times accordingly.

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Control with IoT remote control technology

The audako Edge Gateway for your plants, machines and processes gives you flexibility in data acquisition. The benefit results from being able to react quickly and in a coordinated manner to the statuses and measured values of your plant. By bundling the functions of a telecontrol system and using audako Edge Gateways, a cost-effective data transport is achieved that offers you a wide range of possible applications. The compact solution is suitable for centralized and decentralized use in critical infrastructure areas due to its reliable and secure communication. The remote access solution is easy to implement, user-friendly and offers a high security standard.

audako Smart Metering

Our smart metering solution consists of audako Egde gateways and the IoT platform. The gateway reads the data from the smart meters and sends it encrypted via 5G or other IP-based ways to the IoT platform. The audako Egde Gateway takes into account privacy and data security compliance. You can use audako to make energy consumption transparent and optimize your energy management with the help of consumption data. audako can perform accrual of electricity quantities forwarded to third parties previously identified as third parties in the company, in the sense of the third-party accrual of the EEG. You have an energy monitoring system with numerous application possibilities.

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Define individual alerting steps

With the audako IoT platform, you get an integrated alerting and notification tool that responds to your needs. audako sends notifications taking into account the available personnel according to the work plan, responsibilities and the alarm escalation rules. Critical events such as system alarms and alarm cascades are sent to on-call services thanks to intelligent alerting with notification profiles. These applications can be managed via management tools and set according to user needs. audako provides support for maintenance workloads with individual settings and assistance. audako works efficiently with different user roles, which are assigned different rights, duties and views depending on their responsibilities.

your benefits

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Business Analytics

The flexible dashboard displays your smart data in a simplified and clear manner on the user interface. There's no more effective and easy way to use your smart data. Harness the power of smart data to make critical operational decisions or unlock new business models.

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Reduce operating costs

Where and when is electricity consumed? audako makes your energy flow transparent. In addition, you can create and manage energy checklists using advanced tools. With audako you achieve an energetic optimisation of your generation plants, constantly reduce the energy costs in favour of the operating costs and at the same time increase the plant availability.

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Fast action

Real-time information is a real asset for fast intervention before unexpected malfunctions in the entire process (predictive maintenance) as well as for preventing time bottlenecks for employees when evaluating the enormous amounts of data - audako takes care of this for you (condition monitoring).

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Increase competitiveness

Economic energy optimisation in view of rising energy prices is becoming increasingly important. In order to secure or strengthen your market position, you should determine which energy sources will be viable in the future by carrying out a maximum availability check - and thus reduce the costs for the use of energy in the future.

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Central platform

audako offers you a wide range of functions for numerous IoT solutions. In the software, all solution processes are centrally initiated, controlled and monitored. The portfolio includes data acquisition, pre-processing, communication and analysis up to alarm management, management tools and much more. One platform for all energy solutions.

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You relieve the environment

Energy efficiency and environmental protection are inseparable. With audako's monitoring systems, such as water protection monitoring, you relieve the environment and reduce C02 emissions at the same time. Think of the climate protection goals that are to be achieved with the energy turnaround!

The IT Security Act and Data Protection

In the course of digitalization, enormous amounts of data are collected (big data), including that of end users. Stricter data protection regulations apply here, and no conclusions about specific personal data may be drawn when using intelligent metering data collection systems. audako anonymizes personal data when analyzing enormous amounts of data. No usage behavior can be inferred from end consumer consumption data. audako is compliant with various legal requirements and standards from the IT security catalog for network operators, the requirements for critical infrastructure operators or the specific requirements for the energy industry, among others.

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Customer testimonials

"We have been using the energy monitoring system from narz since 2011. It makes our consumption transparent and reveals energy guzzlers in the company. In recent years, we have therefore been able to optimize existing equipment and use the data to make decisions about new investments, so that the introduction of the system has paid for itself in a very short tim

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