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Mobilität 4.0

audako enables mobility 4.0

audako enables, among other things, the monitoring and control of a traffic system. In the field of traffic monitoring, the task includes monitoring a large number of measured values in real time from widely distributed locations and, with actions at the right time, directing traffic to different lanes or waterways (e.g. for shipping) to ensure the flow of traffic. audako has all the technical functions to collect enormous measurement data (Big Data) from smart meters and sensors in the database. The analysis of the data is automated. This data is converted into intelligent information (Smart Data) and is available visualized on the dashboard. The possible uses of our audako IoT platform in the Mobility 4.0 world are very diverse.

With audako's cloud-based real-time data, anything is possible

By bundling the functions of an IoT telecontrol system and using audako Edge Gateways, real-time data transport can be achieved cost-effectively. With the flexible combination option, countless manufacturer-independent substations can be connected. You can network different traffic systems and devices. Our audako Edge Gateway devices are physical devices with integrated IoT technology. It serves as a connection point between the cloud and other smart meters. An audako Edge Gateway can pre-process data locally and meets high real-time requirements. Real-time data is important for predictive maintenance, sensor status reporting, level control and monitoring, asset tracking, and critical event security.

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Fields of application of audako in the digital transport infrastructure, for means of transport and modes of transport

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Road or tunnel construction

Our monitoring system for traffic route construction will impress you. The use of several level probes throughout the construction site ensures permanent real-time monitoring. If a control level exceeds a previously set limit value, an alarm is triggered and the responsible employee is notified. Operating costs can thus be saved, as time-consuming manual readout and control service times are eliminated.

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Intelligent bascule bridge

audako can do that too: Intelligent control of automatic bridges. Our condition monitoring system through the use of intelligent sensor technology helps to measure expansion and strain gauges. The collection and analysis of relevant data on impact and resistance changes in real time are carried out in the IoT platform using intelligent algorithms.

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Digital sluice control

audako can help you to enable smart networking and control of lock operation and the associated pumping stations. You can optimise energy generation or use, or forecast water levels in the harbour basin. The entire water traffic can be controlled and operated more efficiently via the audako IoT platform.

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Intelligent bridges

The maintenance of bridges is a time-consuming and costly undertaking, especially in times of climate change and increased traffic volume in cities. Our audako Condition Monitoring System is able to analyse conditions on bridges in time and to predict their progress before any damage occurs. Corrosion, relative humidity and temperature values are monitored wirelessly using intelligent sensors, which are crucial for the load-bearing capacity and long-term stability of the bridge.

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Networked traffic

With audako IoT platform you create your goal to networked traffic. audako takes over the intelligent control of traffic flows such as rail, cars and ships based on analysed data on traffic volume, weather influences or environmental factors. The data is automatically collected from intelligent sensors, thermometers and meters for analysis purposes to enable predictive traffic monitoring. Based on the smart data, environmental zones can be set up, for example.

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Digital parking system

How can you avoid traffic jams on roads, escape the often nerve-racking search for a parking space and at the same time minimize C02 emissions? The solution: With audako Egde Gateways you can. Data is collected and evaluated in the cloud over long distances. audako takes over the coordination: you are conveniently guided to free parking spaces via app.

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Smart waste management

With audako you can digitalize your waste management. Fill levels of waste bins and waste containers can be monitored automatically by IoT fill level sensors and this in real-time data. The sensors communicate wirelessly with the cloud. You are notified at an early stage if a limit value is exceeded. Annoying checks are a thing of the past. Thanks to GPS, you can plan your routes more efficiently and save on operating costs.

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Air transport

audako monitors your critical control parameters completely automatically with our monitoring system. If a limit value is exceeded, you will be notified via intelligent alarm functions. You can integrate your existing smart meters such as sensors, thermometers or other measuring devices into audako. Our audako monitoring system can be used, for example, in air freighters for temperature monitoring for vaccine or food transport.

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Smart water treatment

On large ships, several water treatment processes usually take place. This can be the purification of waste water or ballast water before it is discharged back into the waters or the extraction of drinking water from seawater. audako has all the condition monitoring functions such as automatic level measurement by sensors or pressure regulation on pumps to measure, control and monitor the entire process of treatment and extraction.

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audako's innovative remote control system

The remote access system from audako gives you flexibility and expands your maintenance management options. The remote access solution is easy to implement, user-friendly and offers a high security standard. External access can be defined individually. When an incident occurs, the responsible employee does not necessarily have to be on site. You can call up your data at any time and rectify many faults directly on the device. A mobile remote control facilitates the monitoring of e.g. technical devices. The fast response time for the elimination of malfunctions or emergencies increases the productivity and service life of your technology.

More safety through a powerful alarm system

The audako IoT platform informs external maintenance teams or an on-call person with a variety of alerting options, enabling quick action. audako sends notifications taking into account the available personnel according to the work plan, responsibilities and the alert escalation rules. In audako you can work with different user roles, which are assigned different rights, duties and views depending on their responsibilities. You can integrate a camera monitoring system for support, which additionally performs visual monitoring around the clock. You save yourself cost-intensive routine checks. In addition, you increase functional reliability through short monitoring times and weather-independent control frequency.

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Asset Tracking per GPS (Symbolbild)

audako Asset Tracking

With audako you can find out in real time which operating resources and goods are available or in use. With geofencing, you can determine the current location of your assets. The position data is permanently transmitted to the audako IoT platform via 5G with multi-net SIM cards. There is an immediate alert and notification to the user if critical condition values are exceeded or if a construction equipment leaves the defined geo-coordinates of the construction site. audako Asset Tracking is a simple and cost-effective solution for permanent real-time monitoring of your assets. The integration of GPS monitoring into your audako solution is quick and uncomplicated. The trackers used are almost maintenance-free, weather-resistant and a cost-effective investment thanks to their long battery life.

your benefits

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One platform for all traffic solutions

All data of the traffic infrastructure converge in the cloud, which allows you to control and manage the entire traffic. Other modes of transport or solutions can be integrated into the audako IoT platform without any problems, thus achieving greater networking of the infrastructure and also of different modes of transport with each other.

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Theft monitoring via GPS

Prevent thefts on your construction sites, easily and cheaply with the audako Asset Tracking solution. The permanent real-time data transmission via GPS enables theft prevention. Digital trackers can be attached to expensive special equipment such as vacuum pumps or construction site vehicles, etc. We move your theft monitoring into the digital age.

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Secure telecontrol

The implementation of our audako telecontrol technology always complies with data protection and international ISO 27001 certified standards. For telecontrol we use audako Edge Gateways, which ensure the secure and encrypted transmission of digital data over long distances.

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Rapid intervention

Real-time data provides you with information without delay from your traffic systems or construction sites, which you can evaluate and be notified of incidents immediately so that you can take immediate action. This is also ensured by intelligent alarm functions and the possibility to react via remote maintenance, independent of location, on all end devices, almost simultaneously.

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New business models

Intelligent data serves as the basis for important decisions regarding process optimization or promising business models. The use of intelligent technology can generate new sustainable business ideas, such as making the transport of people or goods even more efficient and safe.

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Environmental protection

audako monitoring systems help to optimise the transport infrastructure, which contributes to the conservation of our resources. With efficient alarm systems - fully integrated in the audako IoT platform - environmental damage, e.g. groundwater or water pollution, can be avoided by timely intervention.

Encrypted and secured data transmission

The data communication of the Edge Gateways and the audako Cloud takes place between the controller and the data center - encrypted and secured against failure and access by unauthorized third parties. The audako Edge Gateway flawlessly identifies communication participants and ensures high availability of the connection. You can access your data from anywhere and at any time with a high level of security from all end devices or simply control it remotely. Due to the reliable and secure communication, our remote control technology is suitable for centralized and decentralized use in areas of transport infrastructure - even for critical infrastructures. The audako Egde Gateways take into account compliance with data protection and data security aspects.

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