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More security with the right overview of your water supply systems, utility networks and mobile assets.

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audako ist eine moderne Komplettlösung für Wasserversorger (Symbolbild)

A leap into water 4.0 with audako

audako is the perfect all-in-one solution for the water industry. Whether in the distribution network when maintaining the pipeline network or in water extraction when monitoring the extraction processes, a modern and reliable solution is essential. In the field of groundwater and flood protection, the task includes monitoring a large number of measured values from widely distributed locations and taking the right actions at the right time to counteract the shortage of groundwater as well as an emerging flood. Due to the manufacturer-independence of our software and its interfaces to the usual control types, a seamless integration into your process control system is made possible. In addition, the integration of cameras rounds off the portfolio of the audako platform and makes it the ideal platform for plants in high and groundwater.

Ensuring the availability and quality of the water balance

audako can help distribute and improve the quality of water. You can make your technical infrastructure much more efficient by integrating our IoT technology. audako can automatically monitor water pressure, which must be kept constantly high in long-distance supply lines in order to provide drinking water through the long pipe systems. In addition, distribution networks are becoming larger and larger in order to balance out water shortage and surplus areas, so that treated drinking water remains there for a longer period of time until it reaches the consumer. This calls for reliable quality control of drinking water. audako combines digitalized condition and water quality control in one software. With audako, you can increase the reliability and quality of your water supply while reducing water supply costs.

Wasserqualitätskontrollen mit audako möglich (Symbolbild)

Intelligent audako application for your hydraulic structures, the connections between the structures and mobile devices

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Flood facilities

Especially when snow melts, flood facilities should be monitored very well. Municipalities have to prepare an emergency plan to protect the population in case of floods. audako takes over a continuous monitoring of the floods for you. You will no longer miss anything. audako has limit alarms in real time and can inform the responsible personnel in an emergency before it is too late.

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Groundwater systems

audako facilitates level measurement with a digital technology. audako offers highest reliability and accuracy by real-time data of measured values. For liquid analysis, audako serves as a central platform for the provision and further processing of measurement data. You can view all data (pH, turbidity, temperature, conductivity, oxygen concentration etc.) from your smart meters in one platform and control them for quality assurance of the water.

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Pressure boosting systems

audako helps you to ensure a constant supply pressure in the case of fluctuating delivery quantities or natural differences in altitude. Our water pressure monitoring enables a pressure regulation according to demand, the control of the maximum pressure in the plant, the determination of minimum and maximum withdrawal quantities and the required water pressure as well as the use of chemical additives for the treatment of the raw water to be controlled.

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Other hydraulic structures

Elevated tanks, metering shafts, wells and treatment plants are usually located far away and lonely in the forest, in addition they are often difficult to access. With audako you can make your water supply more efficient and safer by remote monitoring. Save yourself annoying and time-consuming control trips. With audako's IoT data loggers, an undisturbed and secure transmission of data from inflow and outflow meters, fill levels, water levels and faults of plants into the LTE multifrequency network is guaranteed.

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Maintenance of the pipeline network

Our customer survey has shown that most working time is spent on locating pipe bursts and leaks in the widely distributed supply network. Intelligent monitoring is available to quickly locate leaks or pipe bursts in the supply network. An early alarm informs the maintenance team, which is then guided by navigation to the affected location. However, you can cap the flow in advance by remote maintenance and even stop it completely. This saves you personnel and travel costs!

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Tracking of mobile assets

Mobile assets such as vacuum pumps, mobile level probes and other devices, which are used for example in mobile dewatering, can be connected to the audako platform via open interfaces. The locations of the mobile assets can be determined by means of GPS trackers and also transferred to the audako platform for visualization in an Openstreetmap map. Nothing can get lost anymore!

intelligente Daten als Parameter auf dem Dashboard visualisieren (Symbolbild)

Easy use of smart data

With audako you have a completely automated reading and further processing of your data. The meters, sensors and thermometers transmit their measurement data to audako gateways at regular intervals. The data transfer is stored and available in cloud-based or on premise databases. Digitized transmission eliminates the need for on-site readings. Filling states, sensor data and much more data are collected in the audako platform. The evaluation and analysis of this huge amount of data (Big Data) is carried out by means of intelligent algorithms (AI), which are visualized in a simplified way as Smart Data on the dashboard. Process diagrams, hydrographs and other graphics are clearly displayed on the interface, providing the user with modern and convenient user interfaces.

Efficient remote control technology enables mobile maintenance

For remote monitoring, control and maintenance of remote technical equipment and supply networks, we use our telecontrol technology, which is modern signal-converting technology. The benefit results from being able to react quickly and in a coordinated manner to the condition of a plant, e.g. in the case of malfunctions (such as the failure of a pump), regardless of location. For telecontrol we use audako data loggers, the extremely reliable transmission technology is used for the secure transmission of digital data over long distances. You can call up your data at any time or rectify many faults in systems directly on the device. A mobile remote control makes it easier for you to monitor your technical systems and devices. The fast response time for troubleshooting increases the productivity and lifetime of your technology.

Fernwartung auf allen mobilen Endgeräten mit audako möglich (Symbolbild)

Smart Water Grid: We develop a digital twin for your water network

As the weather gets warmer and warmer, drinking water suppliers are having problems with their extraction plants as well as their distribution networks with the buffers they contain and the quality of drinking water. Therefore, we strongly believe that there is a need for a smart grid for water. With the "Smart Water Grid" project, we want to go significantly further and integrate all the components of a water network compared to the state of the art, which usually only covers the neuralgic points of a network. From the deep wells, which are already equipped with monitoring technology in many places, to the customer meter, which is not yet recorded, all data is to flow together in the audako platform in order to be able to map a digital twin of the supply network. With a digital twin of the network, we want to help operators reduce losses and optimize network utilization.

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Februar/2021 Ausgabe, gwf Wasser/ Abwasser Zeitschrift: Wie ein digitaler Zwilling das Wassernetz revolutionieren kann

Alarmierungsmanagement mit Historie (Symbolbild)

Smart alerting functions with history

By capturing data and processing it further in archiving and alarm functions, audako meets all industry requirements. On-call schedules and alarm routines integrated into the system ensure all-round monitoring. With intelligent and automatic evaluations, the audako IoT platform detects anomalies in the measured values and informs the operator and his staff with a variety of options for alerting and enables them to act quickly. All real-time measurement data is collected in the audako system and stored in a high-performance database over a long period of time. This means that old results can be reanalyzed in the history at any time.

Energy data management to increase plant efficiency

Our energy monitoring serves as a smart data supplier. The system consists of smart meters such as measuring devices and sensors that collect energy and status data and IoT-enabled gateways. audako monitors and archives the electrical parameters such as status power, energy values, voltages, currents or even frequencies collected by the smart devices. It is irrelevant whether the collected data originates from a measuring device, sensor or from a communication-capable device. In our software, all data is visualized and made available for analysis purposes. Faults in technical systems can thus be identified at an early stage, failures can be prevented, maintenance work can be optimized and the entire process can be made more efficient. audako can also make energy consumption transparent in order to reduce energy costs in the long term.

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your benefits

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Fast localization

By using audako Edge Gateways a visualisation of far away structures and water networks is possible. In case of critical events, local containment is possible. The central alarm management notifies your on-call team in the event of faults or leaks, enabling leaks in the water supply network to be located and repaired quickly.

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Reduce maintenance costs

Our web-based technology allows you to access your systems from anywhere at any time. Whether on a computer, tablet or smartphone, permanent remote monitoring or control of all plant components is possible at any time. In the event of an alarm, on-call staff can intervene immediately and without barriers.

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Efficient operation

audako supports monitoring as well as forecasting of unexpected consumption and predictive maintenance requirements. With preventive maintenance you can avoid failures, e.g. in the supply network. audako ensures safe and economic operation for water supply plants and other hydraulic structures such as elevated tanks, wells and treatment plants.

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Simple use of smart data

Become an intelligent data user with the help of audako. Keep an eye on any values, states and disturbances. Why make things more complicated than they are, when you can use audako IoT platform for your data analysis. This is the easiest way to use your smart data even without specialist IT knowledge!

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Improving water supply

Water suppliers must ensure a continuous supply of safe drinking water to citizens. To do this, the path of the water and the flow in the supply network must be precisely controlled. With intelligent analysis functions, audako can predict any anomalies in water consumption and counteract supply bottlenecks.

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One software for all water issues

audako saves you the use of different software for the widely distributed locations, because municipalities often use different software for the locations. This increases the number of working hours for the daily work. In addition, with audako you have process control and telecontrol system, reporting and alarm management in one.

autorisierte Grundwasserberichte zur Erfüllung der behördlichen Auflagen (Symbolbild)

Save time with authorized groundwater reports

Complete documentation with checklists and reports on paper is hardly possible, it costs a lot of working time and harbors a high potential for errors. audako convinces with intelligent functions for automatic and digital documentation. Process data is recorded in real time and archived in compliance with legal requirements. audako comes with industry-specific reports for evaluating recorded groundwater levels in relation to water extraction. Operating diaries and reports ensure automated and error-free documentation, fulfill the regulation-compliant verification requirements and are a time-saver for plant personnel. You also benefit from reports and trend statistics that enable valuable conclusions to be drawn about operations. The reports meet the requirements of the authorities and can be transferred automatically.

Customer testimonials

"We do our work very effectively with audako, as we have a clear and up-to-date view of all operating data and can thus react immediately in the event of deviations - e.g. due to pipe bursts."

Hirzenhain Water Supply: Kai Mathes, Head of Networks, Water, Sewage

"With the audako software from narz systems, we always have up-to-date data to make quick decisions to ensure smooth operation. In addition, the level measurement is much clearer, and the software is faster and more modern than the old one."

City of Schotten: Mr. Schneider, Operations Manager of the Water Supply