Cost-efficient smart solutions for wastewater disposal companies - More digitized wastewater systems for more efficient operations.

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Abwasser 4.0- intelligente Abwasserentsorgung (Symbolbild)

Into wastewater 4.0 with the audako IoT platform

The special requirements in wastewater treatment call for an innovative and state-of-the-art system for real-time operation and observation as well as for the acquisition and recording of all relevant parameters. Our wastewater 4.0 solutions with audako allow you to better and faster detect the effects of water quality and quantity events. audako has all the mechanisms to integrate measurement and status values. The collected data is gathered in the audako platform. audako generates intelligent information from this data and makes it available visually. You can tap into potential savings, decision support and planning processes on this basis. Operating costs can thus be saved, which are caused by automated meter reading.

Water protection

Wastewater treatment makes a considerable contribution to the protection and preservation of our waters. During wastewater treatment, many pollutants can arise for the environment, which are avoided thanks to modern technology. In water pollution control, the best way to avoid substance discharges is through so-called point sources. This is what audako can do with efficient water protection monitoring. audako continuously provides you with information on groundwater level, water quality and sensor values, which are processed fully automatically in the water protection monitoring system. There are remote control functions for targeted monitoring of inflows and outflows in the event of waterlogging, so that the discharge of mixed water into watercourses is reduced. You can also integrate environmental and weather data into the platform for further forecasting and decision-making.

audako Gewässerschutz Lösungen (Symbolbild)

audako applications in sewage treatment plants and associated structures

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Wastewater treatment plants

Wastewater treatment plants have the task of removing the pollutants contained in the wastewater as far as possible. audako can largely automate and optimise the treatment processes, e.g. through the central operation of decentralised plants. When these are equipped with audako, further reductions in toxic substance inputs can be realised in order to provide more effective water protection. audako analyses and visualises all laboratory and status values of the water quality. Improved control also increases the reliability of plant operation.

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Rain overflow and rain retention basins

During heavy rainfall, the absorption capacity of sewage treatment plants and sewage systems quickly reaches its limits. Stormwater relief structures are necessary to remedy the limited capacity. audako makes level measurement easier for you and offers the greatest reliability and accuracy of measured values. An integrated limit value alarm can trigger an alarm in case of emergency. The water levels are made available in real time with audako Edge Gateways via remote data transmission for individual evaluation options.

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Wastewater pumping stations

With our condition monitoring system for the control and monitoring of pumping stations, you can access your data at any time through the wireless transmission of inflow and outflow meter values, level data and malfunctions of plants. Our wastewater pressure monitoring system enables you to regulate pressure as required and to control the maximum pressure in the plant, to determine minimum and maximum withdrawal quantities and the pressure head required for this, and to control the use of chemical additives for cleaning the wastewater.

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Sewer network and storage sewers

The maintenance of a kilometre-long sewer network is a major challenge for municipalities. The detection of leakages is time-consuming and costly. audakos intelligent leakage monitoring detects breaks or disturbances in the disposal network at an early stage and triggers an alarm in time. Thanks to GPS positioning, maintenance personnel can be guided to a location accuracy of approx. 5 to 10 metres. By networking sewer systems, their equipment and measurement technology on a central platform, you get full control and overview.

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Reblowing stations and vacuum pumping stations

Vacuum pumping stations are used wherever wastewater pumping stations cannot be used. Post-blow stations are used to prevent fouling. Both methods require pressure either to blow compressed air into the pressure lines of stations or to transport wastewater away over a short network of kilometres. With the audako monitoring system, you can ensure a constant supply pressure for pressure lines and compressed air flushing stations in the event of fluctuations due to different conditions, as well as carefully monitor and control pump failures.

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Flood pumping stations and retention basins

Flood structures are used for flood protection. Flood systems and structures can be equipped with audakos smart IoT technology. The processes are controlled and optimized by special limit value and level measurement control technology in conjunction with precipitation data. audako has premature limit value alarms in real time, so maximum utilization of the available basin space can be used to also relieve operating times of flood pumps, but also an alarm can be triggered before any damage occurs.

Fernleittechnik ist günstig und innovativ zugleich dank audako Edge Gateways (Symbolbild)

Innovative and cost-effective remote control technology through audako Edge Gateways

By bundling the functions of a remote control system and audako Edge Gateways, a cost-effective digital data transport medium is achieved that offers you a wide range of possible applications. The compact solution is suitable for centralized and decentralized use in critical infrastructure areas due to its reliable and secure communication. With the flexible combination options, countless manufacturer-independent control systems can be connected. Our audako Edge Gateway devices are physical devices with integrated IoT technology. It serves as a connection point between the cloud, controllers and meters. An audako Edge Gateway can process data locally, compressing server capacity, which reduces network transmission costs. It is a simple and cost-effective IoT technology for networking.

Smart alerting functions

audako offers users an intelligent alerting system for plant, process and operational monitoring with the ability to respond to faults on all end devices, regardless of location. Critical events such as system alarms and alarm cascades are transmitted to on-call services thanks to intelligent alerting with mail, SMS, push messages or voice calls as the medium. These applications can be managed via management tools. It gets even better: integrate a camera to support you by providing visual control around the clock. Images of the actual and target status can be compared and archived. In the event of deviations or malfunctions, escalation steps are defined in the alarm plan. You save yourself cost-intensive routine checks and measurements. In addition, you increase operational reliability through short monitoring times and weather-independent control frequency.

Alarmierung mit intelligenten Funktionen (Symbolbild)
GPS Com...

mobile maintenance with GPS

The audako IoT Edge Gateway technology in combination with cloud-based applications enables better visualization of remote outdoor structures, as data information can be displayed platform-independently. Data can be accessed not only from a central computer, but also from mobile devices such as smartphones, notebooks and tablets. The local search for faults no longer becomes a major time killer. This allows you to localize and rectify faults more quickly. In addition, audako provides you with intelligent recommendations for action. You can provide individually configurable on-call schedulers for coordinating employees. audako helps automate manual processes and enables more efficient management of maintenance and repair workflows.

Energy optimization

Wastewater treatment plants generate the most energy consumption in the municipal wastewater management sector and thus the most CO2 emissions. The current Water Resources Act requires that wastewater treatment plants be built and operated in accordance with the state of the art, and energy efficiency is one criterion of this. According to the Wastewater Ordinance, wastewater treatment plants should be constructed, operated and used in a way that enables energy-efficient operation (Bundestag, 2016). It should be noted here that the optimization of wastewater systems in favor of energy optimization must not result in pollution of the water body. With audako, you get an end-to-end solution from a single source to visualize, analyze and optimize process-relevant plant data and ultimately manage the best possible individual energy concept.


energy optimization

your benefits

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Cost-effective remote control technology

Thanks to audako Edge Gateways, you keep isolated objects such as rainwater retention basins or small sewage treatment plants under control and management. The cost-effective IoT telecontrol solution helps you to stay within a low budget. Our remote alarm system detects faults early, can warn of operational risks and request external support if necessary.

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All in one software

audako is a process control system, telecontrol system and reporting system in one for sewage treatment plants, pumping stations, reservoirs and stormwater tanks of all kinds. With the audako platform, any number of plants and external structures can be combined in a central system and can thus be monitored and controlled from any stationary or mobile terminal.

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Improve the quality of wastewater treatment

With intelligent control and analysis functions, audako can detect anomalies during the complicated and diverse purification process and make predictions about conditions. You can thus counteract problems and ensure greater safety.

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Use smart data intelligently

With audako you get simplicity, transparency and confidence in your smart data, which you can use to optimise your processes, plant availability and operations. You always have your data in view. You can organise our flexible and easy-to-use dashboards according to your needs and wishes. You will love it!

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Fast intervention

audako gives you the opportunity to intervene quickly in the event of faults. Thanks to real-time data, an intelligent and effective alarm management as well as the possibility to react via remote maintenance on all end devices, independent of location. Why wait too long for your audako IoT solution?

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Efficient use of resources

audako's Wastewater 4.0 solution offers an optimisation of the economic operation of wastewater infrastructure systems, which creates enormous potential for a more efficient use of resources such as energy and personnel, while at the same time improving disposal safety and minimising water pollution.

Tages-, Monats- und Jahresberichte in audako (Symbolbild)

Clear creation of reports

Wastewater treatment plants, stormwater overflow basins and the sewer network play an important role in water protection. All events and occurrences must be securely archived and documented to make the effectiveness of the facilities transparent. The start, end, duration and frequency of waterlogging, discharge, maximum water level, discharged quantities and many other parameters can be evaluated and output in standard-compliant reports and evaluations. For example, daily, monthly and annual reports can be generated. The audako platform generates reports from the collected data, among others according to ATV-H260 and DWA-M260. All collected data is clearly presented in web, Excel or PDF reports and made available for download. Any number of layouts as well as compilations can be created.

Operating diaries

audako fulfills many legal regulations and specifications for documentation in the field of wastewater plants. All manually and fully automatically recorded data are summarized in daily, monthly and annual reports and presented for state-specific evaluations such as the self-monitoring ordinance, the performance comparison and the extraneous water determination. All relevant data of the wastewater treatment plant, the sewer network and the spillway structures are recorded and processed according to the requirements of the authorities. These include the Wastewater Self-Monitoring Ordinance (EKVO) in Hesse and the provisions of the Bavarian Wastewater Data Network. All data can be imported directly into the EKVO Client for Hesse as well as into the DABay system for Bavaria, where it can be further processed.

Betriebstagebücher (Symbolbild)

Customer testimonials

"With audako Cloud, in combination with cameras directed at the basins, we have a very cost-effective tool to visually monitor our outdoor wastewater treatment plants on a daily basis without long travel times. With the graphical display of the operating parameters as well as their documentation, we gain a quick overview of the current operating status of the wastewater treatment plant."

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