IT Security is not just a buzzword for us

As an ISO 27001 certified solution provider, we have a clear view of the regulatory jungle for IT security. By using the audako platform, you have secure modern technology at your disposal. Convince yourself of the audako security concept.

Processes from development to project planning aligned with ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is a standard that describes the requirements for an information security management system. We have established an ISMS (Information Security Management System) without any limitation of scope for the complete company. Accordingly, it covers the development as well as the project planning, operation and support of instances of our audako IoT platform hosted by us as well as those hosted by customers.

With compliance with the specifications of the IT security catalog in accordance with §11 Paragraph 1a EnWG (Energy Industry Act), companies in the energy industry, especially network operators in the area of critical infrastructure (KRITIS), are supported directly by us as a manufacturer in the best possible way when using the audako IoT platform.

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Umsetzung zahlreicher Best Practices und Richtlinien zur IT-Sicherheit für KRITIS Betrieber (Symbolbild)

Implementation of numerous best practices and guidelines for IT security

Against the backdrop of increased cyber attacks, IT security is a highly explosive issue for all operators of critical infrastructures. Thus, the audako IoT platform is well equipped to implement the various existing B3S industry standards, which describe different security measures to be implemented for the respective industries.

Including, for example, the IT security guidelines of the DVGW and DWA associations (DVGW W 1060 and DWA-M 1060) for the water and wastewater sectors. In addition to the industry-specific standards and guidelines, audako complies with IEC 62443, which is applicable to process control systems, at least at the SL-2 level and implements many best practices from OWASP, an open project for web application security.

Provision of an optimal environment in our data center

Cyber attacks are increasing rapidly worldwide. The Internet of Things, infrastructure and industrial facilities are very popular targets here - also due to their often inadequate security status.

We have implemented numerous measures in our data centers to defend against attacks, which, especially for smaller and medium-sized facilities, are beyond the budget when considered alone. Due to the large number of instances operated in our data center, such measures can be implemented in an economically viable manner. With the audako Cloud, our customers receive the optimal environment with a ready-made redundancy concept for the operation of their application at a fixed price.

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