Monitoring groundwater levels in the gigantic HafenCity construction project

Panorama Hamburger Strandkai
Regina Liedsinger

Mar 26, 2021




The metropolis of Hamburg has been experiencing an increasing building boom since the turn of the millennium. One of the most striking large-scale construction projects in a waterfront location is the creation of the new HafenCity district. This urban development project is unique in the world and is already serving as a model. The new quarter expands Hamburg's city center by 40%. A unique urban mix of residential and commercial areas is increasingly visible.

Eggers Umwelttechnik is involved in this project with projects at Überseequartier and Strandkai.  The latter is located directly on the waterfront, below the Elbphilharmonie concert hall in HafenCity. The proximity to the Elbe increases the flood risk enormously and poses a particular challenge to the construction project.


The engineers and technicians of the groundwater technology department are confronted with the task of keeping the excavation pit dry despite fluctuating Elbe levels (ebb and flood). For this reason, several level probes were installed for permanent monitoring throughout the construction area. The probes transmit data to the teleControl system. If a control level exceeds a pre-set limit, an alarm is triggered and sent to the cell phone of the engineer in charge.


At the beginning of 2018, Mr. Jürgen Stage, site manager for groundwater technology, was looking for an optimal software solution for data acquisition, evaluation and display on different platforms as well as end devices. All data should be immediately available on the PC as well as on mobile devices without having to install an app. The choice fell on the teleControl Cloud from narz systems.


The solution

teleControl Cloud brings together the various data streams from the different signal sources. The platform handles the data transmission, processing and display. Within the user interface, dashboards can be created easily and quickly and the desired elements (e.g. hydrographs) can be added to them. Data aggregation and analysis within the platform enables environmental engineers to make consistent statements about the condition, potential and necessary measures at probes and pumps. teleControl measures not only the water level but also the temperature, battery voltage and field strength at the probes; any slightest deviations are recorded by the system. Even the power level of the pumps can be controlled individually. Users get a clear view of consumption, efficiency and costs. The integrated event and alarm management ensures faster response times in the event of flooding or storms, shorter downtimes in the event of a technical malfunction, and thus makes a significant contribution to increasing the efficiency of hardware and technology.


The Groundwater Engineering department now uses teleControl in many projects. "Adapting it to a new project is easy and I can do it myself within minutes," is how Mr. Stage describes the platform's flexibility and adaptability. It represents an important component for Eggers Umwelttechnik when bidding on the market, because customers want to know what is going on at their construction sites. Eggers Umwelttechnik advises its customers on the basis of the data obtained with teleControl.


GPS technology with the teleControl platform 3.3

The current version also enables theft monitoring via GPS. The use of cost-intensive special equipment such as modern vacuum pumps is essential at construction sites with a lot of groundwater or in flooded areas. The platform takes over the position monitoring of the equipment on construction sites. GPS monitoring can be bundled with function monitoring on the equipment, thus expanding its capabilities.


Weitere Funktionen

Mit dem Report-Designer lassen sich frei definierbare Berichte mühelos gestalten, mit sämtlichen zur Verfügung stehenden Prozessdaten füllen, mit Handeingaben oder Handkorrekturen ergänzen und wahlweise im Webbrowser anzeigen oder als PDF- oder Excel-Datei exportieren.


Mit audako-Plattform versetzt die narz systems  Integratoren  und Anbieter von technischen Systemen in die Lage ihr Produkt- und Dienstleistungsportfolio um digitale Services zu erweitern. Projekte dieser Art führt das Unternehmen mit geringen Einstiegskosten auf der eigenen Cloud – „teleControl by narz“ – durch. Alternativ wird die Plattform auf Kundensystemen als „White Label“-Plattform implementiert, also unter ihrem Namen, mit ihrem Logo und in ihren Farben.


Die vielfältigen bereits integrierten Kommunikationsprotokolle sowie die Kompetenz des Unternehmens in der Entwicklung kundenspezifischer Schnittstellen ermöglichen den schnellen Einstieg. teleControl unterstützt Unternehmen und öffentliche Institutionen bei der Digitalisierung ihrer Prozesse, Maschinen und Anlagen unter anderem in den Bereichen Infrastruktur, Energie, Wasser und Produktion.


Mit seiner hochskalierbaren und performanten Architektur lassen sich sowohl kleinste wie auch größte Anwendungen realisieren, die jederzeit erweitert werden können. Die Herstellerunabhängigkeit bei den Steuerungs- und Feldkomponenten stellt eine offene Plattform mit Schnittstellen zu einer Vielzahl von Geräten sicher.


Die Energie- und Wasserversorgung zählt zu den Kritischen Infrastrukturen. In diesem Zuge hat die Bundesregierung im August 2015 über den IT-Sicherheitskatalog gemäß § 11 Absatz 1a EnWG Anforderungen zur Gewährleistung eines angemessenen Schutzes für einen sicheren Netzbetrieb festgelegt. Unter anderem wurden Netzbetreiber und Energieversorger darin verpflichtet, ein Informationssicherheits-Managementsystem (ISMS) einzuführen und bis zum 31. Januar 2018 nach DIN ISO/ IEC 27001 zertifizieren zu lassen. Aufgrund dessen hat sich die narz systems GmbH & Co. KG mit als erstes Unternehmen in der Branche nach dieser Norm für IT-Sicherheit ISO 27001 zertifizieren lassen.


Autor: Jürgen Stage

Dipl.-Ing./Bauleitung Grundwasser bei Eggers Umwelttechnik


Dieser Bericht stammt aus der Zeitschrift GWF-Wasser und wurde in Zusammenarbeit mit unserem Partner Eggers-Umwelttechnik verfasst. Ein Hinweis dazu: unsere Produktbezeichnung teleControl wurde inzwischen mit dem neuen Produktnamen „audako“ ersetzt.


Additional features

With the Report Designer, freely definable reports can be effortlessly designed, filled with all available process data, supplemented with manual entries or manual corrections, and optionally displayed in the web browser or exported as PDF or Excel files.


With audako platform, narz systems  enables integrators  and providers of technical systems to expand their product and service portfolio with digital services. The company carries out projects of this kind with low entry costs on its own cloud - "teleControl by narz". Alternatively, the platform is implemented on customer systems as a "white label" platform, i.e. under their name, with their logo and in their colors.


The wide range of communication protocols already integrated, as well as the company's expertise in developing customer-specific interfaces, make it possible to get started quickly. teleControl supports companies and public institutions in digitizing their processes, machines and plants in the areas of infrastructure, energy, water and production, among others.


With its highly scalable and high-performance architecture, both the smallest and largest applications can be implemented and expanded at any time. Vendor independence for the control and field components ensures an open platform with interfaces to a wide range of devices.


The energy and water supply is one of the critical infrastructures. In this context, in August 2015, the German government defined requirements for ensuring adequate protection for secure network operations via the IT security catalog pursuant to Section 11 (1a) of the German Energy Industry Act (EnWG). Among other things, network operators and energy suppliers were obligated to introduce an information security management system (ISMS) and to have it certified according to DIN ISO/IEC 27001 by January 31, 2018. Due to this, narz systems GmbH & Co. KG was one of the first companies in the industry to be certified according to this standard for IT security ISO 27001.


Author: Jürgen Stage

Dipl.-Ing./Construction Manager Groundwater at Eggers Umwelttechnik


This report is from the magazine GWF-Wasser and was written in cooperation with our partner Eggers-Umwelttechnik. A note on this: our product name teleControl has since been replaced with the new product name "audako".