Modern process control system for wastewater management in the spa town of Bad Orb  

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The "Eigenbetrieb Kommunale Dienste Bad Orb" is a company of the city of Bad Orb.


Eigenbetrieb Kommunale Dienste Bad Orb (EKD)






Wastewater management, depot, facility management, natural adventure pool


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Integration of a modern process control system.
There is a lack of up-to-date control, limit value

determination and control of all plants, stations and system devices.

A renewal and modernization of the mosaic wall is required.
Outdated programmable logic controllers (PLC)

should be renewed.

There is no possibility to centrally

monitor and control the outstations.

Renewal of the IT systems

with IT security relevant aspects.


ABB inverters:

disconnections to the network due to the outdated technology, suitable PROFINET modules first had to be found before the manufacturer.

Failures of the old control system two months

before the modern process control system was used.

Older measurement systems did not work,

e.g. flow measurement, which was not noticed before.

The old control system could no longer accept new

data records.

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Our solutions

The old mosaic tiles were replaced with

4k LED screens x6 (approx. 4.70m x 1.8m).

The IT system was supplemented with a

firewall, internal WLAN and NAS backup.

Camera connection of the entrance gate and drying plant

into the audako system.

Smooth connection of the outstations

to the wastewater treatment plant and control systems.

All control systems were migrated from Möller to Siemens.
The new audako BTB (operating diary),

software (wastewater report, EKVO 2020 (Hesse), JSM, RP reports and RÜB protocol are used.

Subsequent connection of the new drying plant

for combustible pellets into the audako process control system for monitoring (energy monitoring).

ABB inverters (frequency converters) were

equipped with Profinet interface and integrated into the PLC control system and maintained in the audako system.

audako version 4.0 installation as an on premise application.

Advantages for the customer

With audako as the process control system, our customer

has full control of the wastewater treatment plant, adjustable limit values and scaling of measured values.

The audako IoT platform is simultaneously

process control system, telecontrol system and reporting system in one.

The customer saves on personnel costs and avoids

unnecessary errors through automated wastewater reports, which can be handed over to authorities in an authorized manner.

Higher-level control of technical processes

possible in wastewater treatment plant and in individual outdoor facilities.

The cameras are to provide more safety and at the same time

visual support during limit value control.

An internal WLAN with controller

on the entire site is to protect against network failure.

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