Modernized process control technology thanks to audako IoT platform for the water supply of the city of Schotten

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Arrive and enjoy. In the heart of the Vogelsberg volcanic region lies the town of Schotten with its 15 districts, surrounded by lush meadows, deep green forests and the typical Vogelberg hedge landscape. The medieval center of the town, built between the 14th and 18th centuries, invites you to linger with its lovingly restored half-timbered houses, small alleys and well-kept parks.


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The implementation of the legal regulations,

without a functioning telecontrol and process control technology, was almost impossible to achieve

The outdated telecontrol system

was already more than 20 years old and therefore no longer state of the art

The outdated system ran via analog telephone lines

whose contracts could be terminated and no longer continued

The local proximity of the support

company was decisive


The costs were to be manageable and fit for purpose

existing PLC controls were to be retained, which made the execution much more difficult

The manageable project budget was firmly in sight at all times
The old and new systems ran in parallel at times
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Our Solution

All buildings were connected via LTE with multi-

net SIM cards networked via many mobile network operators to ensure availability in the event of a provider failure

audako runs on a redundant

server system at the head office

In the audako IoT platform, any number of plants

and outdoor structures can be merged into one central system

The migration during operation of audako and

the audako Edge Gateway was seamless

The gateway is a fast and compact solution for

connecting to the IoT, as no additional expensive control cabinets are needed and multiple devices can be connected together

The connection of the IoT Edge Gateways to the central

network, in which the audako IoT platform is operated, takes place using the established OpenVPN. This provides the customer with secure end-to-end encryption, excluding intermediaries or other third parties.

The customer accesses the audako

platform via HTTPS/SSL encryption, which is based on the most modern TLS standard in version 1.3, via the transmitted web interface. A solution that he can nevertheless access web-based with secure authentication from any end device

Benefits for the customer

audako IoT platform is here

process control system, telecontrol system and reporting system in one.

Our intelligent and optimized software solution for

structures creates safe and economical operation

On-call services can eliminate the

malfunction or leakage precisely, without having to travel long distances.

The audako software generates complete reports

from the collected data, which can be authorized and handed over to the authorities.

Important data can be visualized

on dashboards and kept in view at all times.

Our web-based technology enables permanent

remote monitoring or control of all systems

With the additional integrated alarm function on all

common end devices, the audako Edge Gateway is an intelligent solution, even if no cloud is available for central monitoring

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Customer testimonials

"Adapting to a new project is easy and I can do it myself within minutes."

Eggers Group: Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Stage, Site Management Groundwater

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