narz systems donates 1000 euros to hospice service and table tennis club for Christmas

Spendenübergabe zu Weihnachten 2018

Foto von Links: Wilfried Narz (narz systems), Hildegard Schwarz, Hildegard Weber, Sebastian Narz (narz systems), Simon Ruhl, Birgit Pfohl.

Regina Liedsinger

Dec 10, 2019




The IGSL Hospizdienst im Vogelsberg and the TTG Vogelsberg were delighted with a generous Christmas donation. The two managing directors of narz systems GmbH & Co. KG, Wilfried Narz and Sebastian Narz, presented 500 euros each to Hildegard Weber and Hildegard Schwarz of the Hospice Service in the Vogelsberg and to Simon Ruhl and Birgit Pfohl of the TTG Vogelsberg table tennis club at their company headquarters in Herbstein.

"The helpers of the hospice services are among the most impressive volunteers in our society," says Wilfried Narz, "their service, the accompaniment of the dying and their relatives, requires so much sincerity, compassion and, above all, strength, so that our donation can only be a small tribute. We wish the helpers all the best and continue to give them much strength in this difficult task, which they take upon themselves voluntarily." The Vogelsberg hospice service assists people from the region in their final phase of life. Either at home, where most people feel most comfortable, but also in a nursing home or hospital if desired. The accompaniment is based on the needs and wishes of those affected and is also available to assist relatives. The local TTG table tennis club was also pleased to receive a donation. "Table tennis has a long tradition in the region," says Sebastian Narz. "At TTG matches, the whole region sticks together. We would like to see that beyond the sport! The volunteers of the TTG do amazing things in their spare time with the sometimes very large action radii of their teams." The TTG, a merger of the two table tennis departments of the clubs SC Lanzenhein and SV Herbstein, currently provides seven senior and five youth teams. Straight the new generation obtained in the past large successes, but at the moment makes in particular the first lady team of itself talk, which starts in the regional league.


With narz systems, one of the most innovative IT companies in the field of digitalization of public infrastructure is located in the region. The family-owned company from Herbstein has been developing automation and digitization solutions for industry and public institutions for over twenty years, especially in the areas of infrastructure, energy and water, and production. In the combination of electrical engineering and safety-certified cloud solutions, the company is considered a pioneer for complete digital solutions. In addition, it has always been committed to the development of the region. "We will continue to work for the Vogelsberg district with great motivation in the coming years," says company founder Wilfried Narz.