Supply on high standard - narz systems from Herbstein modernizes process control technology of the city of Schotten 

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HERBSTEIN/SCHOTTEN - The economic and supply enterprises of the city of Schotten modernized their water supply for an optimal management of the valuable resource drinking water. The implementation of this project realized narz systems, a family business from Herbstein, said narz systems in a press release. The employees of the Herbstein-based company brought along their audako IoT platform, a future-oriented central IoT-based process control and telecontrol technology (Internet of Things, abbreviation: IoT), with which any number of Internet-capable, intelligent devices can be networked and converge centrally in the software. The town of Schotten is its own rural water supplier with the town center of Schotten, 14 districts, twelve wells, 16 elevated tanks, eight booster stations and 13 metering shafts.

Cities and municipalities are often the local water supplier themselves and thus responsible for the technical maintenance of water supply systems, ensuring the availability and quality of the water supply, and developing a plan of action in the event of a crisis, for example, if residents can no longer be supplied with water due to a defective pump. Another important part, according to narz systems, is the weekly monitoring of groundwater levels against the backdrop of climate change. "With the audako software from narz systems, we always have up-to-date data to make quick decisions to ensure smooth operations. In addition, the display is much clearer and the software is faster and more modern than the old one," says operations manager Schneider from the water supply of the city of Schotten. In addition, the outdated system ran on analog telephone lines, whose contracts had been terminated and could no longer be continued. Therefore, a new software solution that could technically support the work of the water masters was sought by tender. "narz systems seamlessly migrated the existing system to its own audako software, a web-based application that complies with the ISO 27001 security level," the company says. Furthermore, all water supply structures were connected via LTE using multi-net SIM cards. The advantage, it said, is that in the event of a failure of a mobile network provider, availability is ensured through use in all German mobile networks.


The information technology operation of the water supply of about 11 000 inhabitants is carried out thanks to narz systems on the very highest IT security standard. With currently 27 competent and motivated employees, narz systems GmbH & Co. KG has been successfully implementing automation and digitization solutions for demanding municipal and industrial applications for more than 25 years.


This article was published on Monday, 21.06.2021 in the Lauterbacher Anzeiger