audako in intelligent buildings: IoT management of the Adolf Spieß Hall in Lauterbach

  • Adolf-Spiess-Halle Lauterbach (Hessen)
  • Skizze Netzwerk (narz systems)
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Our Customer

The renovation of the Adolf Spieß Hall in Lauterbach, which is rich in culture, took three and a half years and was completed at the beginning of this year. The reactivation of the multifunctional hall will serve for cultural and sports events in the future. During the long construction phase, the Jungendstil building was modernized from the ground up and brought up to energy standards. The energetic renovation included the renewal of the windows, the insulation of the roof and a replacement of the heating and ventilation systems.


Magistrate of the district town of Lauterbach


Building and property management


Handling of municipal construction projects


City of Lauterbach (Hesse)

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Energy measurements


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Previous property management system consisted of

different programs, without the possibilities of data evaluation or automated control of building systems.

An efficient monitoring of all properties was missing.
We took over the superordinate

building automation.


Existing installation on the lighting and ventilation systems

dated from World War 1 and had to be completely modernized at great expense.

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Our solutions

Networking of all technical systems and measuring devices

across network and protocol boundaries (M-Bus, DMX, KNX bus, Modbus ,DALI , DALI type 8) thanks to audako Edge Gateway.

Higher-level control of technical processes

possible in the individual installations.

Provision of smart data from the collected

big data through the powerful historian integrated in audako.

High-quality visual presentation of smart data

in dashboards with a variety of different widgets.

Intelligent alerting with mail, SMS, push messages

and voice calls as medium, individually configurable on-call schedulers and alert cascades.

Access from anywhere and always, whether smartphone,

tablet or PC.

audako as an IoT-based BMS is used to visualize

the technical and energy processes in real time in the building.

Via a connection to the city hall, where the audako software

is also running, all values of the hall can be viewed and adjusted from there in actual and target status.

In addition, faults in all systems (e.g. ventilation or heating)

are recorded and displayed.

The alarm function forwards these to the responsible person,

even if no one from property management is on site.

Advantages for the customer

Thanks to audako software, full remote access

to the Adolf Spieß Hall property is possible by the building owner from Lauterbach town hall.

Today, audako is already the central building control system

in the technical energy and property management of the district town of Lauterbach.

A total of 120 properties are to be connected to the

audako IoT building control system.

On a dashboard, various graphics of all measured

values recorded in the building can be graphically created and displayed in a comprehensible manner.

Overview of plant areas and error messages and alarm

conditions that have occurred there, in order to check process conditions and take action if necessary.

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Customer testimonials

"Malfunctions of technical systems are detected early and a better overview of all technical processes in the building is obtained."

Magistrate of the district town of Lauterbach: Mr. Topf, Building Management of the town of Lauterbach

"Our goal is to connect all heated properties, or those that are particularly technically strong, to the building control system in five years."

Magistrate of the district town of Lauterbach: Jörg Saller, Head of the Vogelsberg District Office for Building and Housing

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