Protection of the water supply through process monitoring - access control, process control and control system in the audako cloud

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The idyllic community is located in the eastern Main-Kinzig district on the edge of the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main metropolitan region. In Sinntal you are "naturally" at home in the greenery of the Hessian Spessart Nature Park on the edge of the Rhön and Vogelsberg mountains and here you can enjoy with all your senses.


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Operators and plant operators should quickly and safely

into the new IoT system and become familiar with it.

Contemporary analyses for plant availability, productivity,

and operating status.

Data should be stored over a long period of time.
An audako migration is necessary because the old system

communicates via analog telephone lines that have been terminated by Telekom.

Access controls are to be installed.


Migration during operation, all work

should be carried out during operation of the plant.

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Our solutions

Integration of audako process control technology.
Migration of the complete automation technology.
Establishment of a SHDSL network. Access via the Internet.
Updating of the operating and monitoring level.
Egde Gateways IoT2050 with ADSL, LTE, or combined

Internet connection and LTE data logger for a digital data acquisition.

With audako Iot platform and audako Edge Gateways

as well as the data loggers, a seamless migration was accomplished.

Networking of all technical systems and measuring

devices across network and protocol boundaries (OPC-UA, S7, MQTT) thanks to audako Edge Gateways.

audako as SCADA/PLS is used for visualization of

technical processes, which are in a time range of 10 seconds in live mode and in a time range of 5 minutes for historical values.

We have implemented access controls with our alarm

and notification system for each station.

Advantages for the customer

Connection of the measurement shafts via LTE with

multi-net SIM cards that work in all German networks to ensure the availability of the measurement data.

Customer thus has a secure (encryption, ISO, etc.) solution that

he can nevertheless access web-based with secure authentication from any end device.

The evaluation and analysis of huge amounts of data (Big

Data) are carried out using intelligent algorithms (AI), which are visualized simplified as Smart Data on the dashboard.

24/7 support: in case of malfunctions on weekends and

holidays, we are always available for the customer in case of emergency.

Higher-level control of technical processes in

the individual plants possible.

Intrusion protection through an intelligent alarm and

notification system that can be expanded to include video cameras.

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Customer testimonial

"audako allows us to access data and make changes to settings from anywhere at any time. It is a modern, up-to-date system that takes technical and organizational concerns into account. The Narz company has been able to implement our individual wishes promptly and easily."

Sinntal Waterworks: Harald Auth, The Sinntal Municipal Executive Board

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